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Willy Houston, Owner

In his youth Willy Houston became enamored by the guitar in the late 1970’s and began devoting the majority of his time to studying the intricacies of its sound. By the time he was 18 he had fully submerged himself in the industry by securing a job at Charvel/Jackson. It was this first phase of his career that allowed for the evolution of his passion and talent. He transitioned from a young guitar player to a guitar enthusiast determined to absorb every detail of the instrument’s essential mechanics. Willy continued working for various guitar companies in Southern California, while simultaneously developing his rocker image as guitarist in the band Rozzi Lane.



The 1990’s brought many changes for Willy, as he became a father, but his passion for guitars remained resolute. He continued working as a diligent guitar repairman and builder, beginning his own business venture in. As the owner of his small business Willy’s Guitar Works he has always maintained the same meticulous level of quality that he first discovered in his youth. While his caliber of craftsmanship is unmatched, he is continuously looking for ways to refine his trade further.



Willy’s knowledge of guitars encompasses all makes, models, shapes and sizes, but he has always been particularly attached to the raw sound of the electric guitar. As a musician he has developed a love of manipulating his instrument and the various sounds its capable of producing. This infatuation lead Willy to begin handcrafting his own electric guitar pickups and investigating the qualities of distortion, purity, and articulation that he couldn’t find in the factory made pickups. Willy realized that he could combine each individual aspect of his refined passion to develop the flawless sound only a profoundly experienced guitar artisan and musician could produce.


Willy’s goal since this discovery and the birth of his company Rocket Guitar Pickups has been to share the purity of sound, quality of craftsmanship, and limitless potential for customization that only his product offers. There is no one with more talent, experience, or heart in the entire guitar industry.   



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